My mother called me earlier today to tell me the great news! I had been a bit stuck in a rut and she improved my mood INSTANTLY! The shirt is now up on the C & C California website and is available for purchase! I love the colors that were chosen and am really happy with the final product. Click the photo below to view/purchase the shirt!
UPDATE! I've learned that the shirt is due for release around the beginning of April! The shirt will also come in 4 colors! I can't believe it. I thought that they were only going to make it in 1 or 2 colors but 4 is amazing! More updates to come upon the shirt's release.

Stay tuned!
I recently contacted the very nice folks at C&C California and I was informed that the shirt is now in the sample stage and all the kinks are getting worked out. I was also told that the shirt will come in multiple color ways! Which colors exactly, I do not know yet. 

More updates coming soon!
I won! I got the e-mail this morning confirming that I won the competition! My shirt will be produced early next year! I can't believe it! I'll post all updates here.
I am a finalist in the C&C California x College Fashionista T-Shirt Design Contest! My design, along with two others, was chosen by a panel of judges. It is now up to the people of Facebook to comment on which design they like the best. The design with the most comments will be sold on C&C California's website as well as Voting is open until December 16, 2011. Click the photo below to vote for my design! Every comment counts!

This semester, I am taking a class called "Eco-Centric," where the focus is on making eco-conscious clothing. The goal is to use low impact and recycled fabrics and trims, while elevating eco-fashion beyond the earthy style that it is often associated with. Our theme is "Shipwrecked," and because of this theme, I wanted to design some pieces that had some sort of transformative quality to them. I figured, it I were ever to be shipwrecked off the coast of an island, I would want to have options! Of the 30 pieces we were asked to design, my convertible dress was chosen as one of my final looks. The dress is fully reversible and can be worn as a maxi or knee length on both sides, giving a total of 4 looks! 
My (possible) second look, the drop crotch pant and sweater are not so much transformative as much as they are just something I wanted to do. I have been wanting to knit something for a while, and this class gave me that opportunity. 
I've got two weeks before my complete muslins are due!