**To preface this, I am by no means saying that what follows is the end-all be-all truth. These are just some things I have observed as a young women on the search for a swimsuit. I am just rambling. Proceed.**

I really enjoy designing bathing suits, mostly because of my desire to see something for people my age that isn't incredibly skimpy. Not that I have anything against skimp, it's just not for everyone, and certainly doesn't look good on everyone, myself included. For younger ladies, there aren't many creative options for those that are uncomfortable wearing string bikinis and the like. The options that do exist are...well, for older ladies. And they look like it. While these suits are great for the 35 and over set, they tend to lack the things that younger girls look for in bathing suits, such as bright colors, interesting patterns, interesting hardware details or a transformative quality such as mix -n- match options or multiple ways to wear either the top or bottoms. I hope to design swimsuits that allow young women to look confident, youthful and a bit sexy while not having to feel uncomfortable. With that said, my main inspiration when it comes to designing bathing suits are those of the 1940s and 1950s. During that time, there was a great concern for female modesty and femininity, but that didn't keep the suits from having an air of sex appeal.
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When I think of the influx of tiny bathing suits, it brings up thoughts of the perception of what's sexy for women. The suits from decades ago reflect the ideas of the time, that highlighting your figure and showing just enough was considered attractive. During this time, there was also great emphasis on women not being seen as immoral, so covering up most likely factored into the designs. Do the skimpy swimsuits today reflect current societal thoughts on female "sexiness" or do they represent something more, like the freedom women have to wear whatever they like?  
Do you think there is enough diversity in the swimwear options for young women?