My mother called me earlier today to tell me the great news! I had been a bit stuck in a rut and she improved my mood INSTANTLY! The shirt is now up on the C & C California website and is available for purchase! I love the colors that were chosen and am really happy with the final product. Click the photo below to view/purchase the shirt!
UPDATE! I've learned that the shirt is due for release around the beginning of April! The shirt will also come in 4 colors! I can't believe it. I thought that they were only going to make it in 1 or 2 colors but 4 is amazing! More updates to come upon the shirt's release.

Stay tuned!
I recently contacted the very nice folks at C&C California and I was informed that the shirt is now in the sample stage and all the kinks are getting worked out. I was also told that the shirt will come in multiple color ways! Which colors exactly, I do not know yet. 

More updates coming soon!
The short interview I did with is now up on their site! Click the photo to see the whole thing.